The Importance of Art Authentication

August 2019

Art authentication is a complex process and, through integrating provenance research, scientific analysis, connoisseurship and Pictology (AI) analysis, Hephaestus can provide its world-leading art authentication service.

Tree-Roots, Vincent Van Gogh, 1890 - 1890, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Giacomo, Researcher & Business Development Manager

Interested in authenticating your painting?

As the art business sees a proliferation of specialists, the question arises: should collectors be concerned about authentication issues? The answer is yes, akin to the meticulous process one undergoes when acquiring real estate or investing in stocks. Whether purchasing artwork from an auction house or gallery, collectors must ensure that the seller has conducted thorough due diligence on the piece. This includes not only verifying its title but also its authorship.

Even esteemed auction houses and galleries may, at times, rely too heavily on information provided by the seller, particularly if the seller is a reputable collector. In such instances, there's a risk that insufficient research is conducted to validate the information provided. Therefore, collectors must remain vigilant and advocate for rigorous authentication processes to safeguard their investments. Determining the value of a piece of art begins with establishing its authenticity. Distinguishing between a counterfeit and an original demands a keen eye for detail and years of professional expertise. In today's art world, authenticity is no longer solely reliant on subjective opinions but rather on extensive research, references, analyses, provenance, and forensic examinations. What the art market now requires is concrete evidence of authenticity, not just opinions standalone.

For sellers, a robust authentication ensures the ability to fetch the highest possible price for their art and, for buyers, authentication serves as a guarantee that their investment is indeed worth the price tag attached to it. Likewise, intermediaries such as auction houses and art galleries rely on solid authentication to shield themselves from potential legal liabilities and financial losses. Furthermore, authentication plays a crucial role in scenarios such as tax-deductible donations, estate valuations, and legal proceedings like divorces and partnership dissolutions.

With over five years of experience in authentication and a flawless track record of authenticating art works. we are readily available to assist with authenticating your artwork and providing you with peace of mind whether as a buyer or seller.

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